Monday, March 12, 2012

Solar System Study Guide: Test Monday, March 19

Science Study Guide for Water Planet Investigation 1: The Solar System
The TEST will be Monday, March 19, 2012
1.      The name of the path in which Earth revolves around the sun is called its orbit.
2.      The force that pulls on the Earth and keeps it revolving around the sun is called gravity.
3.      Without gravity, the Earth would travel away from the Sun in a straight line.
4.      Asteroids and comets are similar because they both orbit the Sun and are small compared to planets. Asteroids are made of rock and comets can be made of rock too.
5.      Asteroids and comets are different because asteroids orbit closer to the sun than comets do. Comets are icy and asteroids are rockier. Comets have a tail when close to the Sun, but asteroids do not have tails.
6.      The Sun is mostly composed of helium and hydrogen.
7.      The star closest to the Earth is the Sun.
8.      All Gas Giants are bigger than terrestrial planets, are located beyond the asteroid belt, composed of gases, and have no solid surface to land on.
9.      Gravity prevents the Earth from flying away from the Sun.


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